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Touched by the Elements by Elanor Silmariën

Frodo's thoughts, in Mordor and beyond...

Touched by the Elements
By Elanor Silmariën
Marigold’s Challenge #27

A/N: This is my first attempt at a quad-drabble.


Mordor is nothing but dirt and ash and rock. It is hard to breathe, now that the mountain is near. Sam is covered in dirt, and I can only imagine how I must look. What is worse is I cannot bring myself to care what I look like any longer. The sun is setting far beyond the dark shadows. Sam and I must stop and rest soon, or we will not have enough strength to go on tomorrow. We will reach the mountain tomorrow. It will all be done soon. I can only hope this horrible adventure will end quickly.


Mt. Doom is spitting smoke and fire as Sam and I stand here alone. It is finally over. The Ring is gone and I am freed from its whisperings for the first time in years. The flames are nearly surrounding us, burning our eyes and throats. Sam grasps my injured hand and I glance down at it, suddenly feeling guilty. I had claimed the Ring at the end. The fire had consumed me at last. It had consumed Isildur, it had consumed Gollum, and now, because of me, it would consume my dear Sam. Now we wait for the end.


The eagles are here! They rescued us and are flying us through the air above Mordor. It is clear up here, no ash or smoke cloud the sky. I can breathe once more, knowing that we’re alive, that Sam was spared, and can go home to Rosie and live in peace, because he got me to the mountain alive. The eagles are swift and the wind blows my hair into my eyes. I feel lightheaded and happy for the first time since the Ring came to me. But I know this feeling is only temporary as I slip unconscious again.


The sea is glassy and orange this afternoon under the pink sunset. I stand by the railing of the ship watching the waves it makes at the bow, and sigh. I have left my homeland and all I hold dear to cross the sea. My Sam has promised to come after me when his life in Middle-earth is over. He has so much still to live for. I did not. Still, despite his promise I wonder… Sam dislikes water very much… No. He will come. He must. I must be healed when he comes. That is why I am leaving.

The End
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